so you want me to wear my pajamas …

under a fitted blazer?

Over the years the Topman man has always been a little rebelious and aloof, but at this years sneak peak of their SS 2012 line, I have to say – Mr. Topman is seeming a little more “lost his marbles” rebellious than “Marlon Brando” rebellious. In a show of maybe 30 looks, at least 7 of them featured men in short silk shorts paired with chunky patterned sweaters or long flowing pajama bottoms stuffed beneath the trademark Topman fitted blazer. It was all very “my house caught on fire in the middle of the night” and even a little reminiscent of dare I say – derelict (zoolander fans unite). I suppose that conceptually the looks are cool, colorful and probably comfortable, but in reality – who is going to wear this?

To be fair, as goes crazy – their were also glimmers of genious and wearable fashion. For starters the Morocan inspired pullovers and button ups combined pattern and color in a way that isn’t overwhelming and would serve a welcomed punch of color to the overly somber world of men’s fashion lately. I love LOVE the sweater on the guy in the top picture 2nd to the right. Another major win was their used of heavy gauge sweaters with scoop prints along the collar. Many of them were offered with cropped sleeves – giving an almost 1980’s version of Abudabi street style. For fall – this look is hot and really easy to pull off. Long story short – the collection remains the very cool and stylized Topman that we’ve come to love, but may have veered a little to far into lala land this year. Definitely check out their online store HERE for fabulous and affordable work and day wear. My only bit of advice? Keep you pajama chic wardrobe wear it belongs – in the bedroom.

– brother

p.s. For the full video presentation – watch it HERE.



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