a children’s shoppe

Have you been yet? Okay, I’m here to tell you, you need to go… NOW. And not just because it’s my dear, childhood friend, Jessica (Biller) and her mother, Janie’s (Desmond Ison), newest venture together. NO, it’s because it is truly a gem of a store with so much to offer for your itty bitty committee.

I have three little ones and trust me, people, the first chance I get to shop for them, I do. Mama is a fashion stylist, after all. What I love about this store is its high fashion potential. With lines like Stella McCartney, Appaman, Splendid and a slew of local designers like Gracie Mae Kids, I’m like a kid in a candy store… or rather, a mom on a mission: To dress my kids in the best duds I can find.

Puddles is it.

First stop in, I managed to spend a pretty penny on a handful of picture perfect ensembles for my two girls and a boy. You all know how I feel about some Stella so it should come as no surprise that I had been ogling the purple cape (Fox & Finch) and chambray dress with leggings on the form, donning no other than Stella McCartney Kids. My son walked away with bright colored collared shirts in soft flannel and a pair of skinny jeans in black with patches of corduroy. An entire denim “bar” displayed the most current designs for your little gal or little guy that would give most adult denim lines a run for their money. I just couldn’t resist and trust, you won’t either.

Accessories like bedazzled headbands and children’s watches decorated with fighter jets and princesses, darling and yet durable shoes made with organic leathers and a precious layette in soft pastels encompasses the store. In case you can’t tell, I love this store.

Puddles will knock your socks off. Pay them a visit over in Lyon’s Village — 2580 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Suite 4 – and I promise it will be worth your time.  Tell them S|B sent you.

– sister

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