please don’t …

… do this.

So after 30 years of watching my coworkers and friends at work, I am very pleased to find that most of the guys I know have adopted the habit of wearing an undershirt with their dress shirts. Those of you who are sweat prone (you know who you are) understand the importance of an extra layer of security for when the going gets tough. That being said, there are a few VERY important style factors to consider. One, take this photo below for example:

This kid is ready to go to work. He’ll get that tie tightened up and he will be good to go for the day. His crew neck undershirt was an acceptable choice. Now charlie crew neck needs to consider what his day is going to look like. If he plans on loosening that tie at any point, or heaven forbid loose it all together for an afternoon of drinks with the boys, he needs to reconsider his choice. Crew necks and open collar dress shirts = major dork. Please don’t.

Notice in this picture that Zac Efron doesn’t have a peep of white showing under that collar. The kid looks cool calm and collected. What you don’t know is that Zac is actually known for his perfuse and embarrassing sweating problem. Luckily for little Zac he has a stylist that knows that a V neck undershirt is the perfect option for his needs. He can have the comfort and protection of the undershirt, without the world knowing his little secret. Want to look cool and not like a total doofus? Do as sweaty Zac does and get yourself some V neck undershirts. I simply can’t take another day of the crew neck. Thank you kindly.

– brother


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One Response to please don’t …

  1. Marisa says:

    Ha! Mario is so going to LOVE ur post! Thats his pet peeve!!! 🙂

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