dead end trend

the year of the stinky shoe is over

I’ve been watching this go down for a little over a year now. It started on the fringes – at hipster bars and remote dirty people colonies deep in the heart of the mission. Over time, the notion of wearing leather dress shoes with no socks and either shorts or short pants caught on. We were seeing it on everyone from the runway models at Thom Browne to wall street professionals weekending at the Hamptons. Within the last six months the trend became so over-popular that I started seeing more dudes on the muni NOT wearing socks than wearing them!

The thing with this trend is that it is two fold. The first piece is the not wearing socks thing. This isn’t something that I am 100% against,  although I am strongly opposed to the stank. In some cases loosing the sock is definitely successful with footwear meant for a foot in the buff. If you are wearing top-siders or loafers – go ahead and get naked. The piece I object to is the dress shoe worn as casual.

I genuinely feel that wearing a dress shoe with no socks and then pairing it with a pair of shorts or cropped pants looks totally nerdy if not borderline homeless. It just isn’t a good look. It’s not ironic, it isn’t “dandy throwback” – our grandfathers would have never gone without socks, it’s not even kinda cute. Thankfully for all of us, the trend is practically seen on every possible person on the muni — which in the ear to the grindstone fashion world that we live in here at sisbro – tells us that this trend has finally hit its dead end. Hear that hipsters? You’re reign is officially over. Thanks for the memories.

– brother


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