im not gonna ask to braid your hair

but can i braid your belt?

Ok work with me dudes. I know we all think back to the late 90’s when it comes to braided leather belts. We all fell victim to rayon dress shirts, denim on denim and that overwhelming addiction to oversized double-breasted blazers. While I can’t promise that those “fashions” won’t return, I can tell you that the braided belt is definitely here again, and dare I say – it’s still a good look.

I give this endorsement with one caviat. Back in the day we used to buy the braided belt a size too big and then fold it over and tuck it so that it hung down the side of our trousers (see above image). I’m gonna go ahead and say – please, yes I’m being polite, don’t go there. Other than that – have at it and have fun. It’s a great look with shorts, jeans and even a casual weekend suit. Try out colors and inlets, go thick or pair a thin braid with a tailored trouser. Play around with it and I’m sure you’ll find your nitch with this cool new (see old) trend ;).


WIL leather inlet – at Neiman Marcus

Traditional thick braid by Aeropostal

Braided with color inlets and an awesome metal buckle $98

Lacoste cotton braided in 4 pop colors


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