let ’em grow:

The Brooke Shields’ Thick Eyebrow is Back.

The thicker, the better, ladies. I’m so sick of seeing the pencil thin, over-plucked, over-tweezed phantom-of-a-line, penciled in eyebrow that sits on the faces of so many young, otherwise stylish women. I so get it. I’ve been there. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Getting my hair highlighted for the first time in my life (I was 18 years old) and my hairdresser says to me, “Do you want me to wax your eyebrows?” Huh? Sure. And so it began…

Like a bad dream, my eyebrows got smaller and smaller. Puny, desperate to be bold and strong again, I fought back. Put that wax away, I said, and started anew with a healthy dose of Latisse and a really good brow pencil. Sister’s brows are on their way back.

Now, to be clear, I fully believe vigilant hair removal on your face is a must. For the landscaping of your brows, however, I strongly recommend you sparingly shape each curve. The thicker, the better. Its original shape was guaranteed its best. Embrace it, don’t butcher it.

Put the tweezers and wax away and let the brows grow au natural. God put them there in all of their glory for a reason. Work it.

– sister

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1 Response to let ’em grow:

  1. Jo Gonsalves says:

    I think I should post your high school graduation photo here as an example of beautiful, natural eyebrows.

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