why you gotta be so mean?

nice collective will set you straight

I walk by this store on a weekly basis – peer in through the window at its somewhat intimidating incubator-womb-from-outer-space appearance. It seems like the kind of place where people who have a collection of rolling stones b-sides on vinyl might shop. It looks like the kind of place where brad pitt shops (bearded motorcycle brad, not tanned gwyneth paltro brad). Basically it looks cool – too cool for me.

Well I finally worked up the courage the other day and sure enough it was exactly the kind of ultra cool space I expected to find, but with a few things that surprised and excited this fashion nerd. For one, this wasn’t just a store. This is a show room and shop for local designers Joe Haller and Ian Hannula. These San Francisco locals work together on their line Nice Collective, which is an urban apparel line featuring reconstructed, distressed and functional clothing that is so ultra hip the clothes themselves practically brood.

For you Sacramentan’s, fear not, they have an online store and a number of stockists in norcal to choose from. The price point is on the higher side, but remember that these clothes are local, limited and not likely to be found on some DB at the Arden Fair Mall (just saying). Check out some of my favorites below and get more info on this Nice as Pie brand HERE.

– brother

deconstructed V Neck $120

converter leather jacket $850

carbon combat boot $800.00

Metal wallet $135.00

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