brunello cucinelli is not a fine wine

or a big plate of pasta

But he might as well be. Brunello Cucinelli is as Italian as chianti and as authentic as homemade rigatoni – but the name of his game is quintessential Italian sportswear meant for those built with equal parts passion and sophistication (like true italians are ;).

Usually prone to navy and grey suits and separates, Mr. Cucinelli came strong in Milan with a collection full of camels and creams, corduroy and fur. Featuring reversable jackets with the construction and tone of a proper waistcoat and slim tailored cargo pants paired with heavy hoodies and cashmere pullovers. The combination of casual and constructed makes for an effortlessly cool – perfectly italian collection that makes you wish you were an italian prince. One things for sure, these clothes are fit for a king. Check out the full collection online HERE.

– brother

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2 Responses to brunello cucinelli is not a fine wine

  1. I don’t disagree with this article

  2. You couldn’t be more precise..

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