VMA 2011

(Black Veil Brides aka some kiss wanabe band we’ll never hear about again)

mens fashion recap

Here we go again with the 2011 VMA’s – music’s wildest night for fashion. The ladies of course turned it out as usual, but some of the dudes definitely gave the musical mavens a run for their money. Others looked like they were headed to a funeral … in atlantic city. Lets just say the night was filled with more shiny polyester blend than an episode of toddlers & tiaras (I’m talking to you Jersey Shore cast!).

Without further ado – see below for the pics and picks. rock on.

– brother

 The Good Ship Lollipop never looked so Gangsta – on Busta Rhymes.  Terrible.

I honestly thought these were the accountants from Ernst & Young here to count the votes – turns out it’s Cobra starship.  Yes to the giant bowtie – nope to the rest – BORING.

The biebs actually really worked it out this time. He looks young, cool and a little irreverent (see the snake around his wrist). The pants are on trend (see sister’s post a few days back), the tux-blazer adds a touch of flash with the satin lapel, and the nerd glasses make him look a little less or more like a lesbian (I can’t decide).

Lady Guy Guy – does not make a handsome man – but i think that was point.

The only thing less funny than Kevin Harts show opener is his dilusions of being 16 again. If you aren’t Zach Efron then switch those baggy jeans out for something a little less 1999. Over 30 requires jeans that fit. Love the jacket though.

I don’t know who lil twist is – he’s probably a concert pianist – but i’m really into this hip hop america vibe. The patterned cardigan over the message t shirt takes the classic look and makes it really current. That hair too! So bad its good.

THIS is how you do the VMA’s. Complete clowns – LMFAO in castle-themed frock by body glove (apparently) and shocker – red pants. Red pants were on everyone from bieber to pitbull. I’d say the trend has jumped the shark, but I like them too much.

nope, there wasn’t a film of crisco on the camera lens – he’s just that greasy. Ronnie from JS.

Steven Kojokaro is morphing into Katie Couric I swear. While the jacket is a little liza for me the rest of the look is kinda working. I’m into the man-heels and if you are a post-menopausal man-woman you can never go wrong in all black.

Tyga looks relatively good in this decorative pillow turned shirt. The pants are unfortch a little ill fitting. A for effort though.

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