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Work can be monotonous. Let’s face it – if life were measured in colors, sex would be red, eating would be green, sleep would be blue, fun would be orange and work, well, for most of us anyway – it would be a medium toned grey. Boo for grey!

There is no reason that work or work clothes for that matter needs to be a boring shade of grey. Dudes, listen up. White and blue shirts are fine – they are the standard option for the work place, but honestly – can we step it up a little? I know it can be scary to try to incorporate color into your work wardrobe. You don’t want to be that guy in the office in the bright orange shirt with the neon green tie. It’s good to stand out – but it’s not good to be blinding. The key to a color makeover is keeping your colors unexpected but muted. Go with pale pinks, lilacs, plaids in pastels and rich burgundy. Stay away from ultra bright at work – the subtle color in your shirt will go a long way and next to your bosses classic white Oxford you’ll look like the boy wonder with a sartorial gift. I’ve thrown some suggestions out below – but feel free to bargain hunt. When pairing with a suit – contrast the bright dress shirt with a natural or neutral tie and keep complimenting colors in the same family. Give it a try guys – I think it’s high time for work to take a brighter shade of fun.

– brother

lilac by charvet

cutaway spread collar by Hickey Freeman

etro contrasting stripe – hot with a charcoal suit.

Charles Tyrwhit Khaki

burgundy stripes pop against light grey or navy blazers – Boss Black


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