my bag is a sophisticated gentleman

his name is ben minkoff

Bags are like hats for me. You can never have too many and the right bag for the right situation can totally transform your transport experience. There are a few cool designers out there making man bags – folks like Spade, LV and even sportswear brands like puma and addidas. The thing about these brands is that unfortunately they are so fully in the main stream that you are likely to run into someone rocking the same weekender a few times a week on the subway. Nobody wants that. Enter Ben Minkoff.

Minkoff is a luxury brand of men’s bags featuring lots of leather and blue suede. The lines are clean and sophisticated. The design is functional and understated. The bags are in a word – handsome. I love them. What’s more is that Minkoff is still yet to be a household name and is much less likely to be on the shoulders of half the dudes on your morning commute. That’s reason enough for me. Go ahead and get yours and be the trend setter in your neighborhood – you don’t even have to give me credit! Buy HERE.

– brother

the perfect weekender $595.00

tall tote – great briefcase alternative $425.00

Less lincoln lawyer and more urban artist? Try this one on for size $395.00

a traditional briefcase at $695.00 – like butter.

Super cool bi-fold wallet $295.00


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