birds of a feather

do it in leather.

So, I’m not the biggest fan of the feather appendage to the hair. I know, I know… I’m sorry. I just think it looks a little strange. That’s not to say I haven’t tried my fair share of random hair extensions, ’cause lord knows I have… and to each their own. That being said, if you want something really cool that fills the insanely trendy category, try this.

If Michelle Money from this season’s Bachelor Pad (oh, c’mon, like you don’t watch!) can wear the above fabulously leather-feathered earrings, so can you. Seriously, I’m obsessed. Inquire about them HERE.



Fly away with a leather feather. It’s rad.

– sister


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2 Responses to birds of a feather

  1. Beautiful! Love this look….is it an acceptable fashion for us over 20 year olds? Thoughts. Thanks =)

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