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the coolest tech-styles on the market

Okay okay, so this isn’t a tech blog – i know, but sometimes we stylisto’s like to have some cool gear too. I for one love my stuff as much as my style and I especially love my stuff to have style. Below are my pics for some of the coolest and best gadgets on the market. Enjoy!

– brother

The Derringer Road Bike

Modeled after 1920’s road bikes, the Derringer Road bikes out of LA are some of the baddest bikes on the road. Light enough to pedal like a regular bike or powerful enough to kick on the engine and head up hill at speeds up to 30 miles per hour – this thing is perfect for city dwellers – especially those living in the hilly city of SF or who have to bike the distance to get to work. What’s more, the Derringer is classified below a moped which means that if you are 16 years old, you are good to go – no license required! Look to spend about $3,500.00 for your custom bike. 


The Kikkerland Splitter

I learned about this little gadget when I met a crew of triplet toddlers on my plane to LA. The three tots were all watching the same cartoon on their mom’s ipad and were happy as clams – each with their own set of head phones. Parents everywhere rejoice – this is the most genius way to keep kids occupied on a plane – short of buying three ipads. Only $10 bucks. 

The Jawbone Jam Box

My buddy John turned me on to this little thing. Not only is the sound quality on this speaker remarkably good for its size, it works with Blue tooth technology. This means that virtually any gadget from phones to computers to tablets can wirelessly hook up to it. We had it at a bachelor party and each of us took turns syncing our phone and playing dj. What’s more, it has a built in microphone too – enabling it to be a much better conference call tool than your crappy speaker phone setting on your iphone. Must have at $199.00.

Beats by Dre Headphones

Yep, that’s doctor Dre. I was skeptical at first because frankly celebrity products are usually the pits. This is one major exception to that rule. I tried a pair of these on recently at Brookstone and was blown away with how crisp and clear the sound quality was. They were also remarkably comfortable, blocked out virtually all sound and were very light weight. I honestly think I could work out in these things and not even be phased. I think these are a great option for people who travel often or watch a lot of video on their computers. $201.99

The Nikon D3100

The ultimate entry level DSLR. Packed into a MUCH more affordable price than a lot of its competitors, this is the camera that several of my photo-guru friends all recommended when asked independently. Unlike others in this price range, the D3100 has HD video capability, an easy to use guide mode, and realy great autofocus and color fidelity. What’s to hate? $520.00 




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