jack spade my heart

with a very sharp bag

Well actually he did it with several of his beautifully basic and well made bags. Jack is no new kid on the block. I have long been a fan and have had several of the items over the years serving as trusty companions on my many travels and tribulations. This post was inspired after a conversation with several of my college buddies who were complaining of not being able to find a good and stylish work bag that didn’t look like their dads frump a dump leather briefcase. To me the answer was obvious, but I was shocked to find that essentially all of them had never heard of the sultan of sachel that is Mr. Spade.

One of the best things about Jack Spade, as opposed to some other high design options, is the price. Their highest priced options range from 400 – 600 but many of their bags are under 400 and as low as 2. Check the sale page on their site as they are always cleaning out inventory and upgrading their classics. Trust that you will find these bags super duper versatile and you will look as youthful and put together as you indubitably are. Buy yours HERE.

– brother

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