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So it’s not the first time Converse has entered into the apparel arena, but it is the first time we’ve seen a stand alone collection from them that wasn’t a “such and such designer for converse” limited edition situation. Black Canvas is their both feet forward attempt to become more than a shoe company and I must say that the design esthetic has stayed pretty true to the rock grunge vibe that their iconic shoe embodies.

It looks to me like the evolution of the american work wear thing. There are lots of elements that are true to the trend like heavy structured chinos and fitted flannels – the kind that could either be from the wardrobe of a silver lake hipster or an 1840’s gold miner. The difference is converses heavy rock influence. These clothes look like they are made more for Edie Veder than John Ham.

The idea is heavy knits, military inspired jackets, chunky collars and hoods. According to Converse it seems 90’s layering is back. I am definitely into the clothes individually, and love the affordable price point, but I would have to advise not to style oneself the way this look book suggests. Overly layered is not a good look. Keep things taylored and flattering to your shape. I say leave the homeless look to the homeless. Nevertheless I vote yes on converse black canvas. It’s a great first collection with a ton of potential and quite a few winning pieces. Get yours HERE.

– brother


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