the economy is tanking…

you might as well too.

It’s getting hot in here in every way. The sun is shining hotter than it ever has – just ask our home boy Al Gore. We have more reasons to sweat than ever, just ask the A-holes who refuse to compromise over the debt ceiling. With so much drama in the LBC or wherever you live, whose got time for sleeves? I say go ahead and loose ’em boys.

The celebs like Zefron (see above) and pretty much every other it boy right now have been seen all over the tabloids rocking this casual and surf inspired look. The idea is to avoid stripes and overly busy prints. Go with simple solids or something with a graphic image (think rocker t- minus the sleeves). When it comes to fit, look for options that are snug at the chest but then loosen up toward the waist. You don’t have to be at the beach either. Throw on some darker jeans a pair of sunglasses and role out for your saturday afternoon of fun. Trust me that you will be more comfortable than your crew neck wearing crew and looking a lot sexier too. My picks below.

– brother

Awesome Caked Out tank with a Disney feel available at Karmaloop.

The every day tank by obey. A little loose looks cool under a blazer and skinny slacks (sounds crazy I know – but try it) Available at Zappos

Not sure what FR 54 stands for but it looks cool. Available at Topman

And my favorite by in4ma+ion also available at karmaloop


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