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I love a shoe with a heel. This is mostly because I’m 5′ 11 and 3/4 and I tell people that I’m 6′ . Shhh don’t tell anyone. Got it? Mike Gonsalves is six feet tall.

One of the tricks of my trade is a couple of pairs of vintage cowboy boots I inherited from my Grandpa Joe. These things are the bomb dot com. They are beat to shiz from years of working the dairy and that hard work shows in every stitch. What’s awesome about them is that I get to wear them and take all of the credit for the hard work I never had to do. What could be better?! Thanks Gramps.

So this Thursday I’m headed to Austin Texas and I’ve decided that while I love my vintage boots, I want a pair of city slicker boots for nights out on the town. Below are the big winners that made the final cut. I highly endorse rocking boots when you go out instead of those loser square toed shoes you’re probably wearing. Plus boots make your ass look good. So there’s that. Check them out below and go on and get countrified.

– brother

Dan Post Python Cowboy Boots $259.00

Luchese Ultra Crocodile Boots $1,249.99 (I know I know, but they’re croc and you can only use the belly of a croc for clothing, so it’s kind of appropriate to pay this much. Sorry peta.)

Hand Painted Fiesta Boots $259.00 (kinda cray, but I would probably take them to the pavement and beat the crap out of them and then rock them)

Vintage Tony Lama Lizard Boots $129.00 (not new but I couldn’t resist. Check out the back below).


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