this shirt will make you look ripped

it’s like a wonderbra for dudes

I’m so not kidding. Well, you have to be kinda in shape first, but after that – sky is the limit! There’s nothing tricky to them – no under layer, weird padding etc etc. So don’t be worrying your tired little heads. The deal is that Dirk Bikkemberg has simply mastered sport wear for the athletic guy. He designs clothes for guys that take care of themselves and cuts them in a way that makes whatever you’ve got look better than it really is. I bought one of these t-shirts a few months ago and I kid you not, every time I wear it I get people asking if I’ve been working out. Sure, I have been working out, but for some reason nobody EVER notices unless I’m wearing my bikkemberg. There’s something to this.

The other thing to note is that I bought mine in a large, which for me is usually on the looser side. It isn’t a muscle tee made from stretchy material that clings and looks like you are headed to the gym. These shirts hug only in the right places and hang where they ought too (which is a good thing if you have a little pudding in the middle). They are also made from jersey which makes them super soft. Consider this my endorsement. I’m telling you that it’s worth the $60 bones (which is on sale) or $70 if you go for the long sleeve. He has tons of cool stuff HERE to check out too. You’re welcome!

– brother


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