bad to the bone

goods & Co.

 By now, if you read this blog you know about one of my fave New York based stores/clothing lines, manufactured and designed completely in Japan. PRPS has been the bain of my existence for years, season after season creating off the chain clothing with exactly my esthetic of less is more – simple classic – with a bit of unexpected funk – gear. I love them.

 About a year ago the team at PRPS picked up shop and moved to LA to be closer to the mother land japan and hopefully to find a new more easy breasy following in the land of glitz and glam. Well, a little over a year later, the dudes at PRPS are over it, back in NY and emphatically proclaiming their come to jesus like realization that they belong in the place from whence they came. Sure they’ll keep a Japanese focused show room in LA, but from here on out – PRPS is New York all the way.

With this epiphany it seems PRPS has also found a heart – announcing their new line Goods & Co that will be similar in esthetic to PRPS but with a lot less overwhelming a price point. Can I get a hallelujia?! With items starting in the $100 range and featuring a 100+ or – unique styles ranging from sportswear, outerwear, denim and more, Goods & Co is poised to blow up commercially and finally let some of the Ballers on a budget like me get in on all the action.  Check out the big dog PRPS here. New Goods & co lines should be available online soon.

– brother


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