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vincent flumiani introduces his latest muse: sinclair denim

 I’m a big fan of Vincent Flumiani. He first came on my raydar back in 2009 with his Salinger inspired American prep line “Caulfield Preparatory”. His clothing was simple, fun, a little tongue in cheek and a perfect wardrobe for that imaginary life of adventure and intrigue that we all live in our daydreams. I still frequent that sight  – caulfieldpreparatory.com – for some off-the-beaten-path casual wear that I won’t see on every fashion forward kid on J street.

they’re already rocking sinclair in the oc

 His latest venture is a major departure for the designer as one of the most notable things about CP was that it made the point not to venture into denim. It seemed flumiani was a crusader for denim alternatives, well, until now. Sinclair Denim is a small and beautifully concise line of American men’s and women’s denim styles randing from $150 – $250 retail. As with all things Flumiani, this line is steeped in nostalgia and history, conceptually serving as a “snapshot in time” with “heavy influences in the great depression and workers movement”. In other words, he’s put together a collection of those dream pieces you wish you’d find in your grandparents attic, somehow perfectly fit and wonderfully worn. Venturing into styles of yesteryear like overalls for men and even some short rolled coveralls, Sinclair is certainly more than your average workwear bandwagon design house. I am hopelessly into all of it. See my faves below and at his site HERE.

 –       brother

casual and cool for both the dudes and the chicks

celebs love sinclair. Jared leto is auditioning to play carmen sandiego in the made for tv movie. – via revolve


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