into the blue

twothirds is dressed for the beach and living for the ocean

 Spain based buddies Sergio Penzo and Lutz Schwenke started their casal wear surf line back in 2009 with the goal of suiting guys like them who love surfing and at the same time have to live like  normal folk navigating the city. Having spent a ton of their childhood riding waves the duo felt strongly about creating a brand that kept its practices as environmentally friendly as possible.

 The result of their work is a line that explores forward thinking ideas like their shopping bags that dissolve harmlessly into water, the use of chlorine free merino and recycled products wherever possible. Oh, and one more thing, 10% of their profits go to Oceana, the largest organization dedicated ocean preservation.

 Being dogooders alone isn’t good enough. Their line has an effortless Spanish cool about it that is appropriate for the beach, but still dressed and elegant. You won’t find any parrots or eucalyptus flowers on their gear. I love everything from their premium knits and chinos to their scarves and beanies. Sure, the clothing line with a heart of gold might be becoming a little cliché these days, but honestly, this is one trend I’m willing to support. I hope you will too. Website HERE. Online store HERE.

 –       brother


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