mack attack

the british mainstay makes its triumphant return

One of the most recognizable names in international fashion, Mackintosh has taken a bit of a beating over the years becoming synonimous with stodgy, old school and well un-cool. With the opening of it’s new London Flagship on the prestigious Mount Street this past January and the uber cool influence of their new Japanese owners Yagi Tshusho, big Mack is looking more will and kate than charles and camilla – and it’s a refreshing distinction – lord knows.

Fear not, the brand is definitely still a deeply rooted Brittish company with their military suiting tradition still strongly evident. What’s new is a slightly sharper attention to cut and shape and some fun new linings and details that only a hip japanese kid could come up with. Below are a couple of my favorite coats from their latest line of outerwear. Any one of these would be sure to become a life long staple in any mans closet. For more on Mackintosh and their transformation head to their website HERE.

– brother

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