nakate: learn this name


and do something good for a change.

The Nakate Project was first introduced to me by our friend, Abe Sanchez, over at Article Consignment Boutique. He sent over a photo of some lovely beads and proceeded to tell me the story behind their creation. I couldn’t help but feel a little better about my looming purchases once I learned about their inherent goodness. But honestly, you know my obsession with all things Africa and my penchant for colorful beading. Done and done.


In 2010, the founders of the Nakate Project met a 7-year-old named Cossy Nakate. Suffering from AIDS, orphaned and living in a small African village called Kakooge, Cossy left a lasting impact. They wanted to bring joy back into Cossy’s life and so set foot home with a sack of necklaces, alas starting the Nakate Project. That was their piece of Africa and a way they were certain not to forget Cossy or their mission to help her in more profoundly.


The Nakate Project takes a little piece of Africa and puts it into each piece so that each woman can help pass the message along, until we all are aware, and we all are working to prevent stories like her’s. Pretty beautiful and pretty powerful, right?

Get some beads for yourself at Article Consignment Boutique or at the Nakate Project because life is supposed to be about doing good. Why not look good and do good?

– sister


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  1. love the Nakate Project!

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