corduroy aint just a cuddly bear

Here’s a novel idea – try wearing something other than jeans!

I got nothing against jeans. Lord knows I have a whole closet dedicated to the things. All I’m saying is that the world could stand just a couple of days off from the parade of denim that is the current fashion culture. Take a look toward their cuddly cousin corduroy.

Cords aren’t what they used to be. No longer do you have to worry about getting swamp A** from their overly heavy gauge and ridiculously scratchy texture. These days cords come slimmer, thinner and softer and can be found in all kinds of colors and price points. Rock them just like jeans in any look from casual to the fancy shmance. Below are some of my picks to help get you started.

– brother

$195 at Bloomies by Vince

Levis 514 Cords in charcoal. Available practically everywhere.

Brioni $550 at Mr. PorterGucci in brown at Mr. Porter $485

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