butterfly lashes

the cottage spa shows us how to bat a lash.

I have good eyelashes and no, it’s not just because I spend $150 on Latisse. Okay, maybe a little. Regardless, when I got the call from Roberta Verigin, owner of The Cottage Spa in Arden Park, my ears perked up a bit. She was raving about her newest service, the NovaLash service. Roberta and her amazing eyelash technician, Gina Domingo, run The Lash Lounge at the Cottage Spa and offer this service for $275.

BUT GUESS WHAT? They are offering it to Sister|Brother readers for $199 for a week only. Get to it, girl, because this offer won’t last!


Here’s how it works:

Each individual lash is separately bonded to a single natural lash, the final result is natural looking and difficult to detect even close up. In the past, lengthening and thickening of eyelashes was limited to artificial-looking false lashes or ineffective, clump and smudgy mascara. With extensions, any look or style can be achieved by the use of varying lengths, thicknesses and textures. From undetectably natural to dramatically thick and/or long, the choice is yours.


Sounds magnificent, right? It is. And it’s non-damaging. Just make sure you see a real professional and someone who doesn’t rush the process. Your natural lash will shed within 30-60 days, which requires an “upkeep” appointment around that time for a smaller fee. Trust, however, that once you see the results of this fab new service, you’ll want to come back. Promise.

Roberta has her salon set up like a shabby chic oasis. I reclined back in the world’s comfiest chair and let her do her magic. And magic it was. Call her today and tell her S|B sent you. You won’t be disappointed. Roberta Verigin, The Cottage Spa/The Lash Lounge, 1080 La Sierra Drive Sacramento, CA 95864, 916-806-3788 or Roberta@the-cottage-spa.com.

– sister


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One Response to butterfly lashes

  1. Beautiful!!!!!! They are so amazing! Once you get them, you won’t want to ever live without them. Novalash is the Gucci of all lash extensions for sure! Thank you!

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