i can’t help it… i’m obsessed.

Sometimes the obsession is hard to tame… Seriously. I love Navajo print. I do. There is something so very rustic and unique about it. Maybe that’s why Ralph Lauren‘s Spring 2011 crossover bag has me drooling every time I see it, which is often, since I practically live at Julius Clothing and it drapes one of their forms upon entry. Here it is.

See? I told you. A Navajo rug tote bag. To die for. Sure, it’s 2500 dollars, but it’s so rugged chic, it’s worth this month’s paycheck, right? Buy it HERE.


And then in my passing through of the neighborhood shopping jaunts, I see this bag at Cuffs in midtown. Perfect condition. So Summer perfect, it hurts. Buy HERE for $92. I know!

Embrace this nitty gritty western trend. It fits so perfectly with our 100 degree weather. Must be chic at all times, people.

– sister


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