lighten up

its a white jean revolution

Quit resisting, this is a trend that is here to stay. We’re not talking white pants, it’s strictly jeans, the thicker and more rustic the better. Rock your whitey’s with anything you would wear your regular jeans with. I actually like to pair my whiteys with a more buttoned up look, a pair of loafers, a blazer and an old oxford button up. Perfection. However you rock it, make sure the fit is slim, and you are too. Sorry big boys, the white pant thing is not a good look with a fupa and thunder thighs. I’m just telling you the truth. Below are a couple of good options, but honestly you can find them about anywhere these days. Go with whatever works with your body type.

– brother

Dior Homme 300 bones at Far Fetch.

The Gap. 1969 collection. $64.99The Row – $160 down from $400 at Bergdorf


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One Response to lighten up

  1. Jo says:

    I am so uncool, I actually had to look up FUPA. Funny!

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