loup de loup

danielle ribner introduces: Loup Autumn 2011

From the moment I met Danielle (years ago), I could just tell she was going to be big. Studying at Parsons and now living in the Big Apple, Danielle’s dreams of being a designer are coming to fruition. We’ve featured Loup before in a previous post, highlighting Danielle’s amazing tennis line. So versatile and yet so chic. We are proud to promote her newest fete, The Autumn 2011 Loup collection.

Danielle says, “I was inspired by collaging, early 20th century floral still lives, strong faces of the 1970’s and natural gems. Like all the Loup collections, it stemmed from a romantic view on certain places and times. I was really influenced by the rich colors of the still lives and giving the clothes depth and form from collaging. You can see this in the ‘soft bustier’ items that mix fabrics and shapes to create feminine silhouettes. I also wanted to use romantic, deep florals to give a sense of history and drama. “

Here’s the bottom line… Ribner’s collection embodies all that is casual perfection with a sophisticated twist, beautifully made and playful, ready to wear and chic, I find myself smiling at the possibilities. Could you ask for a better amalgam of style? I didn’t think so.

Buy Loup HERE and support our very talented friend. Trust us, you’ll want to own what she’s making… before her collections obtain “sold out” status. She’s that good.

It takes a keen eye, an incredible sense of style and some serious fashionista power to create something this innately classic. Good work, Danielle Ribner. We heart you.

– sister


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