pretty boys have it easy

or do they?

Let me answer that question right away – Yes, they do have it easy. Easier than most anyway.

This morning I stumbled out of the bedroom, to the coffee maker and then back to the couch, turned on the tv and boom – a guy that looked like this dude(above), started talking to me about the woahs of his life as a waifish chiseled demigod. The first exhibit of proof that his life is easier than most was the fact that I didn’t immediately change the channel. Had he been some average dude complaining about his world travel and people pre-judging him because of his beauty, I probably would have bailed within 10 seconds. Somehow his deep ocean like stair kept me listening.

What I was watching is a documentary called “Pretty Boys” on the Logo network that offered a behind the scenes look at the lives of a few male models at the onset of their careers. It follows them as they go through castings, meet agents, try to book jobs, share rooms in shit hole motels in france, and generally look shockingly good as they stand in line and wait for people to judge them. The thesis you ask? Being a male model isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems. Ok, fine. I suppose that is true. BUT, it’s still pretty glamorous. For those of you with an interest in the behind the scenes reality of the fashion world, this is a worthwhile watch. Click HERE to see the doc in it’s entirety.

– brother


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