You are never gonna guess

where this stuff is from

The looks are quintessentially American, heavy on military reference, tweeked to fit the bespokely snug look of the minute, and made with high quality heavy gauge materials that would satisfy our Grandfathers and fashinistas alike. The looks are emphatically wearable, cool and of the moment – not too of the moment though. These are classics. Clothes like these I call staples, and are the types of items that I encourage my friends to spend a little extra on to ensure quality and a few good pieces in your closet that you know your sons will be borrowing in 30 years. Check these below:

A club collar oxford, ticking stripe just narrow enough, strong stitching and slightly fitted. I’d probably pay 225 or 250 for it. Oh, and it’s non-iron too. Try under 100. I know.

Slim fit nantucket reds. Heavy chino, deadstock, non-wrinkle. Pretty awesome. Ralph and Tommy are selling theirs for over 2, don’t even think about D&G. These guys are asking 50. yep.

Popplin French Indigo. Plackets, embroidered front pockets. Cropped waistline and brushed finish. Shirts like this are going in the high 2’s. Wait for it…39. dollars.

Military cut slim fit wale corduroy. Might be band of outsiders, might be Michael Bastian. Might cost 4 – 5 hundo. This one is $169.

And finally the big reveal. DOCKERS has been making classic shirts like this 2 pocket chambray for 40 bucks and classic long lasting and always cool khakis for generations. Sometime over the last few years (most notably after Doug Conklyn took over) their looks evolved to a new existence, still classic in construction and concept, but suddenly current in style and fit. The best part, the DOCKERS price has remained the same. We all know that times can be tough lately, and spending money on clothes can sometimes be the last thing we can justify as a “priority”. Let this post be a reminder that while we might show you high end examples of looks that are cool and current, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a bizillion dollars. In men’swear right now the hottest look is American work wear and classic US sportswear. Guess what? Some of our classic brands like Dockers, Levi’s, Red Wing, The GAP and others make really fantastic and cheap options that the high end designers are essentially knocking off. Shop smart and you can look as designer as you want to be and not have to feel any of the guilt. Get all of these looks at Dockers HERE.

– brother




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