basically i just want to wear a dress

to bed

I could go on and on about how gentlemen of yesteryear really had it right. How the dad from the night before christmas was like a full on style icon. I could do that, but the truth is that I’m just tired of wearing my busted old basketball shorts to bed with a gap t-shirt. There is nothing fun or cool about wearing shorts you have owned since your days on the 7th grade B team at our lady of the assumption.  Nothing cool at all. 

When I thought about the alternative though, pajamas like my dad wears, I really didn’t feel like that was a “win” either. Basically the man wears a cotton suit to bed everynight. That can’t possibly be comfortable. All those buttons and such. No thanks. Besides, the best part about wearing house clothes is feeling like you aren’t wearing any. That’s why I always wear basketball shorts – they are the lightest weight piece of clothing in existence. 

So then this lightbulb went off and I realised that if I took things way way back to the old school – like Dickens old school – I could manage to stay decent around the house and also not wear any pants. The night shirt is the obvious fashion choice. It was truly a blessed moment. SO, I took to the world wide web and found a few options. Honestly there isn’t much out there – but what I did find will suffice just fine and I think will actually be pretty cool for lounging around the house. Doesn’t a nightshirt seem like the only appropriate outfit to be wearing when your house burns down and you have to run to the street for safety? Not that I want my house to burn down, but I just want to be certain that I am appropriately dressed in the event that this happens. Fair enough right? 

Anyway, if you too are concerned about the possibility of fire in your home, or simply want to wear no pants, or enjoy the thrill of wearing a very similar garment to a dress, then may I suggest to you the following nightshirt options. You are very welcome. Sleep tight. 

– brother

$89 cotton shirt from the Vermont Country Store HERE.

$48.75 Brooks Brothers Oxford Band Collar Nightshirt HERE

My personal favorite. $28.95 at the Gentleman’s emporium HERE

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One Response to basically i just want to wear a dress

  1. Jo says:

    Now I know what to get you for your birthday! LOL

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