quando a roma (o milano)…

you dress freaking haute.

I’m half Italian and let me tell you, I didn’t fall in love with fashion without a heavy hand and a healthy helping of fashionista 101 from my famiglia. While perusing Italian Elle, I found some amazing shots of the locals decked out at Fashion Week in Milan and fell inspired all over again. I even pulled out my gingham balloon top blouse and saddle shoes I bought there two years ago in honor of my inspired moment.

How about an amazing Pucci dress with lace up Pucci boots? Um, yes, I’ll take it all. So Euro, I can barefly breathe.

I’m usually opposed to coordinating or matching anything, but there’s something so chic about this lavender blouse with matching sneakers. I mean, they’re sneakers for the love of god and they still look glamorous.

Try a short suit with a basic white t shirt. Almost like you didn’t even try. Very haute.

Where do I begin? The hair… amaze. The maxi skirt… to die for. The vest with heavy lariats and fringed leather necklaces? Bellissima!

Embrace the Italiana I know exists in each and every one of you. A little flair, a little Euro love goes a long way.

– sister


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2 Responses to quando a roma (o milano)…

  1. Jo says:

    Italian women have a natural sense of style. Just stating a fact. Perhaps not a Scientific Law, but a fact.

  2. theglitterpost says:

    Mi piace!!

    Love the street style!


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