i’m joining the band

of outsiders

I’ve been sorting through the videos and photos from the spring/summer collections for days now, picking out my favorites so you don’t have to. It didn’t take long to come across one of my favorite American designers, Band of Outsiders and their incredibly charming runway show featuring quintessentially “U.S.A chic” resort wear. The show had a certain sun bleached feel to it with a lot of white and light fabrics paired with ultra bright patten leather boat shoes, braided belts and mock collars for both men and women. The story here is that resort wear and in particular American sportswear is here to stay this season, and like his contemporaries Hilfiger and Gant – Scott Sternberg feels pretty strongly about a man in color. 

What is also interesting about this representation is the theatrical West side story meets streets of italy meets Gap commercial performance that B.O.O. decided to go with. The playful set up lended itself to the playfulness of the clothes – and read to me like a nod to our european predicessors and their joi de vivre. Check out the video below to get the full experience. Find Band of Outsiders loot HERE and if you love the song “lollypop” on the video you can pick it up on itunes HERE. Good Job Sternberg, what you might have lacked slightly in originality you definitely gained back in styling and fun. 

– brother

p.s. is anyone else digging on the white chapstick? Loving the surfer dude made out with a geisha vibe! lol. 


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