just a teaspoon of sugar…

okay, maybe a bit more than that… but it’s amaze.

Dana Conrado is a sugaring sleuth. She is the owner of Cezanne Skin Spa in midtown and the Sojourner of Sugar. That’s right, I said it. Never heard of sugaring? Let me give you a quick schooling…

Sugaring is the modern version of the ancient art of hair removal which has been practiced through the centuries by Egyptian women. It is a safe and natural way to remove unwanted hair for today’s men and women… without the waxy, sticky mess or razor burn. C’mon, ladies and gents, it’s time to get with it.

The sugaring product used is a blend of completely natural and organic ingredients with pleasing aromatic qualities so there is no fear of any harmful side effects. The application of the product will remove the dead skin cells leaving the skin soft, silky, and healthy looking.

Dana knew it was time for a change in Sacramento and beyond so she traveled to Canada in 1995 to learn about this fab technique and boy, are we glad she did. Her team is professional, her salon is spic and span and smells like sugar (ha- kind of true) and the experience keeps me coming back every 4-6 weeks. I love it and you all know how much I love another beautification service. ūüėČ


Check out details below and book your appointment now! Oh, and tell them S|B sent you!

 Cezanne Skin Group

2115 J Street, Ste 214
Sacramento, CA 95816


Advantages of Sugaring¬ģ

  • Last longer than waxing (3-4 weeks)
  • Removes shorter, thinner hair
  • All-organic
  • Water soluble
  • Applied slightly warmer than room temperature so there is no chance of burning the skin
  • Less invasive
  • Does not remove any skin, just unwanted hair

Cezanne Skin Group proudly uses Alexandria Body Sugar for all of our sugaring appointments.

Pre-Sugar Tips

  • Must have 7-10 days growth (approx.¬†¬ľ inch)
  • Exfoliate with a loofa 2 days prior to appointment
  • No heavy oils or moisturizing creams 1-2 days prior to appointment
  • No tanning beds
  • You will not be sugared if you are currently using Retin-A, Retinova, Accutane, or Obagi.

Sugaring Price List

  • Eyebrows¬†$20
  • Shaping¬†$28
  • Upper Lip¬†$16
  • Upper Chin¬†$16
  • Sideburns¬†$18
  • Nose¬†$20
  • Ears¬†$20
  • Neck¬†$26
  • Full Face¬†$45
  • Underarms¬†$28
  • Hands¬†$22
  • Breasts¬†$20
  • Arms¬†$38
  • Stomach¬†$20
  • Bikini¬†$40
  • Lower Legs¬†$50
  • Brazilian¬†$65 & up
  • Feet¬†$20
  • Upper legs/Bikini¬†$85
  • Feet and Toes¬†$28
  • Full Legs/Bikini¬†$120
  • Full Back¬†$90
  • Abdomen/Chest¬†$95
  • Half Back¬†$60
  • Half Chest¬†$52

– sister

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