david candy

i mean gandy – for sergio k fall winter 2011

He’s one of the most recognizable faces in men’s fashion. David Gandy has been THE face of Dolce & Gabbana for many years and is rarely seen in such extensive campaigns for other clothing designers. For Sergio K, landing Gandy for his 2011 campaign was a surefire way to catch the attention of both the ladies who want to be with him and the men who want to be him (or with him ;). 

Sergio K comes from a typical American family and has taken the Brazilian fashion scene by storm with his thoughtfully sexy take on traditional latin inspired menswear. Selecting Gandy for this campaign couldn’t have been a better choice to take things to a whole new ultra sensual – borderline obscene – place. Shove the kids in the other room, grab yourself a piece of chocolate and enjoy the video and pics below. Don’t worry, their rated R not X. To get the looks you see below – head to Sergio K online. enjoy 😉

– brother

That’s one way to sell some jeans… yikes!

David Gandy is known for his subtle take on modeling

this looks dangerous.

I hate that all I can see are the holes in his t-shirt. lol

Love the leather jacket here. It’s like a second skin – notching up that slithery sexy feel. 

yet another unique way to sell some jeans.

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