donna karan conquers B.O.


got your attention?

Okay, so it’s not a fashion product per se… but let’s be honest, if you smell bad, you might as well be wearing a paper sack because nobody’s going to take notice of you or your fashionista ways if your aroma of choice is smutty. Right? Duh.

Here’s the deal… there is this friend of mine who always smells good. I’m talking, sweating-at-the-gym-hasn’t-taken-a-shower-still-smells-good-good. It’s amazing. I’ve often thought she was enjoying a nice Italian shower with some magnificent fragrance right before our workouts. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter, as she always smelled delightful. After a few weeks of building curiosity, she divulged her secret (and not of the Proctor and Gamble variety). She’s an avid user of Donna Karan’s cashmere mist… anti-perspirant. That’s right, people. Deodorant. Amaze.

Here’s what the company says about their product:

The ultimate cult product. Try it to believe it. Totally gentle and effective. Delicately scented with Cashmere Mist. This advanced formula also controls wetness and perspiration keeping you feeling dry and smelling fresh all day, so gentle it can be used immediately after shaving without irritation. Perfect for even sensitive skin. An invisible layer of comfort. cashmere mist is a sheer floral, combining the essences of Moroccan Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and the freshness of Bergamot against a warm background of Sandlewood, Amber and Musk, soft and intimate. It is intended only to be smelled by the wearer and those closest to her.


I know what you’re thinking… who spends good money on deodorant when you can purchase it at the drugstore for 4 dollars? I agree… usually… but not this time.

I’ve become a believer myself after testing the product for a few weeks. It is truly divine, lasts forever and at $18, I can justify it. I’m telling you, this baby is worth it’s weight in gold. Trust.

People will be complimenting your scent as you walk by, sweating after spin class. You might not even need perfume, though I don’t recommend you go without. C’mon, we’re ladies still.

Buy Cashmere Mist HERE. You’re welcome, love.

– sister


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2 Responses to donna karan conquers B.O.

  1. Have you ever used her shampoo and conditioner? I had to stop using it because I was constantly smelling my own hair…I started to worry that people might think I was insane. It smells so heavenly!!!

  2. Not yet, but what’s one more product?! 🙂

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