catch your breath

surface to air is about to knock your wind out

Born in Paris in 2000, STA has been dragging fashion through the dirty sledge of punk art and street culture for almost a decade. Already a mainstay brand in Europe known for making culturally relevant product ranging from film, to art to fashion, Surface to Air’s current collection is so perfectly current that I about fell out of my chair. Considering my chair is an overstuffed down chaise lounge, this is a rather significant statement. All of the prices are in euros (that’s that money thing they use over there), but you can get their stuff delivered to the US too. For help with conversion, I usually use this helpful formula: the price in Euros = a little bit more than the price in Dollars. You’re welcome for that. Below are my faves from the men’s line, but get online to find amazing stuff for every member of the famdango. 

– brother

Blade Bomber 800 euros

Leather Boots 189 euros

two toned classic shirt 120 euros

cobby denim shirt 120 euros

elvis oil t 55 euros

hawaii shirt 250 euros

zipped cardigan 230 euros


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