spicoli was ahead of his time

get in touch with your inner surfer dude in Zinka colors

It’s that time of year kids. I hope you’ve been doing your crunches and push ups, because pretty much every weekend for the next 3 months, you’ll be stuck in public wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a smile. With all things retro back in style when it comes to swimwear (think shorter 70’s style board shorts, teeny weenie yellow polkadot bikinis, etc) another iconic look is headed back to the beach – Zinka colored sun block!

For most of you I don’t need to explain, but for those too young to remember Fast Times at Ridgemont high, or any high school for that matter, Zinka Color Nosecoat is a fun and goofy accessory that screams throwback surfer dude, but also really protects your skin better than any other product on the market. What could be better than that? Since I’m a little vain, I like to apply the regular clear block on most of my face and then dab a stripe of Zinka in Pink, Lime Green or Blue along my nose or under my eyes. I know it feels silly, but that’s exactly the point. Your outside having fun, might as well go all the way with it. Buy your colors HERE, paint them on your kids (they will freak over it) and join in the colorful fun. 

– brother


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