intermix is fashion heaven –

and they serve champagne. i’m so done.

Any chance I get, I shop at Intermix. I prefer the store on Robertson in Beverly Hills, California, but really (and sometimes sadly) online is far more practical for this Sactown girl.

I do, however, get a shop trip once a month to my favorite California fashion town and guess where sister goes first stop? You guessed it. Intermix is perfect once I’m “off of the clock” because it has every piece I could want as a stylist who wants to look different and be in the hottest items fresh from the runway.

For Norcal fashionistas, if you haven’t heard of Intermix, it’s time you become familiar. This store carries everything from Splendid to Herve Leger to Missoni to Current Elliott. It runs the gamut and it has literally every hot item you’ve seen in every hot fashion magazine you read. Search no further, it’s here. Oh, and they greet you with a glass of champagne upon entry. Swear. Who wouldn’t want to shop there?

 – sister


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