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(michael bastian wins after 4 years nominated)

a look at the cfda menswear nominees and winners

Yesterday I showed you the guys who tore up the red carpet at the CFDA’s. Today I thought I’d highlight the three genius designers who were honored by the council for their creative and influential moves in the often repetitive world of mens fashion. First up – Michael Bastian.

MB took resort wear to a whole new level infusing color into a traditional and neutral pallet. The Bastian man is dressed in traditional pieces but isn’t afraid to roll up the sleeves or cuffs to take his style to a very current and casual place. Love the striped shirt layered with the blazer. Note that in spring a blazer can be paired with shorts, so long as the shorts are tailored and short. No cargo shorts dudes. For the gays and the ultra confident straights, I am happy to see the biker short alternative to the banana hammock that so many of our friends of dorothy and euros insist on wearing.

Patrik Ervell

Honestly, I wasn’t all that into Patrik’s collection this year. While I can appreciate the use of muted and washed out colors for that quiet and clean feel, and I also definitely subscribe to the style note of anchoring a light colored ensemble with a heavy chukka boot to give it depth, the overall collection left me wanting a little more. A belted coat is a novel idea, but I think just that really, novel. Nobodies really going to rock that, and I think if you do, you will definitely create a distinctly feminine silhouette.  Fine, if that’s your thing. The cropped sweater sleeve is also a cool concept, but again, not exactly street ready. Conceptually it’s cool, but I can’t say I’ll be running out to buy any of these pieces.

Simon Spurr

It’s like knights of the round table meets British parliament. Spurr is definitely one of my favorites and this collection was no exception. His looks are always stylistically forward, but still definitely wearable and impossibly cool. Leather sleeves on outerwear – of the chain. Color dipped wool blazers – just slightly two toned – incredible. The striped three piece suit is so out there that it works, case in point Brad Goreski in a patterned version on yesterdays post. Bravo Simon, you would have had my vote.

What I love about this trio is how distinct each of their points of view are. Men’s fashion is becoming more and more about individuality and complexity. Each of these designers creates with a different man in mind but bring elements to the table that are universal and can be integrated into the daily lives of guys like us. Lets hope that their inspired creations will lead the way for other young designers to push the boundaries and make their mark. Well done guys.

– brother


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