true to my heart

trussardi to my soul

I didn’t need another reason to love Trussardi. I mean for real. Any man that has owned anything by Trussardi from a tank top to a pair of pants can attest to the easy fit and eurobling fantasticness that they deliver with every single item. With their 1911 brand they offer accessories that literally stop you dead in your tracks. I mean look at this leather backpack. Killer.

You could either be the coolest kid in school or the radest dad at the office with this one. It works with a sweatshirt or a suit equally as well. It was this sick puppy that got me online shopping and rediscovering my love with all of these out the box perfect accessories that I wish I could have in my closet. One or two will have to do for now, after all I have to leave something for you right? Check it all out HERE and below. Enjoy!

– Brother

Obsessed with the Prince of Wales in grey plaid  second to the right. 

Small lumberjack satchel. Awesome. 


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