tommy can you hear me?

exlcusive Tom Ford Documentary debuts on OWN June 24th

Leave it to mama O to hook it up with some of the most revealing and fascinating documentaries on tv today. First she gave us the enlightening Chaz Bono documentary, then the chilling Sons of Perdition (about ex-latter day saint members) and now for us fashion-files she is serving up an in depth look at the life and perspective of one of fashions most private and intriguing personalities: Tom Ford. 

We have “known” him for a while. First as the over-the-top perfectly groomed golden boy of the 90’s and 00’s who helmed the fashion houses of both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His campaigns for both designers were quintessential late 90’s opulence and raw physicality. His persona was almost the walking manifestation of his fashion product, oozing sex appeal and a certain cockiness that polarized opinion of him to either complete adoration or utter disgust.  

When he eventually left Gucci, he capitalized on this blurred line of who Tom Ford really is and who Tom Ford the brand represents in his acclaimed film the Single Man that self-admittedly depicted the complicated life of a man in crisis – very closely mirroring Tom’s own life and crossroads. This honesty – albeit in the form of a character made him more recognizable and ultimately more relatable as a personality and a designer. 

This new documentary is said to follow Ford through the presentation of his debut women’s wear line, at home, and in tough and revealing interviews. I couldn’t be more excited for it’s debut. I think that the evolution of Tom Ford in many way illustrates the evolution of fashion. In the documentary Ford says “Moving fashion forward used to be one of my chief goals, it’s not necessarily anymore. Fashion needs to change when life changes.” The man is spot on. 

Designers are constantly trying to push the limits of where fashion can go. While I admire that sense of invention and entertainment, I find it far more important and definitely more impressive to make clothing that functions in a way that facilitates life and that illustrates mood simply. It looks like Ford has come to a place beyond the shock and awe of the 90’s where he really understands the tenants of form and function that our greatest designers have all shared.

Look for the documentary on OWN on June 24th. 

– brother

(quotes via rant)

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