sorry beyonce …

boys run this mother. the mtv movie awards dude recap

Not gonna lie. My initial thought when I heard Jason Sudeikis was going to be this years host was “this is gonna be totes boring” (yes my inner dialogue also speaks in abreves). I mean, I pretty much just thought he was like a slightly better looking and less funny version of will farrell. Turns out the guy was pretty damn funny and got the good old hollywood gloss over for the big event. Changing his outfit a few times, he stuck to sleek and polished suits and a perfect mtv tan to go with his throwback pompadour coif.

Seksi sudeikis set the tone for the boys who seemed to all get the slim jeans and fitted blazer memo. While it was a lil bit repetitive for the usually crazy over the top movie awards, each fella pulled of his look with a certain vibrado that often outstaged their female counterparts. These are some pretty boys who know how to turn heads. Below are the winners and a few losers. Enjoy the pics and guys, take note, most of these looks can serve as inspiration for the next time you need to wear “going out clothes”. The button up and rock and republic jeans just aren’t going to cut it any more. Love ya!

– brother

Andrew Garfield killing it with his tossled locks and on point gold buttoned blazer. Note the jeans are slim but not skinny. Man leggings are over.

Ryan looked too casual for the night, but fantastically comfortable and cool. Choose a cardigan with sheen for a look thats modern rather than professor plum status. The suede shoes in a neutral color soften the grey pants and tie the whole look together. This summer avoid the traditional browns and blacks in favor of neutral boots and boat shoes.

Best villain Tom Felton from the potter flicks looks youthful and clean in this nautical stripe and cotton suit. A perfect example of how a suit can be transitioned for casual day wear. Again, note the neutral shoe. On point.

Zefron looked his usual dreamy self. The tossled locks look cool and just coifed enough. The trend this summer is moving away from the perfect pompadour we’ve been seeing everywhere and into a less traditional and more laid back style. Another trend we’ll be seeing a lot of are grey jeans. They work with any color combo and dress up much better than blue jeans.

Taylor Lautner edged things up a bit with his leather jacket and distressed all saints boots. Note again the grey jeans. Every guy needs a good leather jacket. Notice it’s not overly structured. The right jacket should fall just right over your shoulders and serve as the wear anywhere option in your closet.

and now some not so good looks …

Project Runways Christian Siriano proved yet again that designers don’t necessarily know how to dress themselves. His jacket is way too long and boxy for his pixy frame. He looks like a 1980’s lesbian business woman. All he’s missing is some purple eye shadow. This is also a prime example of how not to do the tossled hair trend. If you are going for asymmetrical messy, DO NOT over do it on the product. So offensive.

Jarev Dauplaise exhibiting the most annoying trend to come out of the 2000’s – the embroidered jacket. This is a sports coat jarev, not a doily. A nature scene on your coat does not make you look “funky or cool”. Also, please people, can we put to rest the rubber wrist band thing? Unless it’s getting you into the beer garden lets leave this look to the midwesterners please.

Know when to stop jim. This outfit and your continued presence at this tween dominated event are so far from being appropriate anymore. For the style confused, long jackets NEVER work on skinny guys. Always opt for a more cropped style that will give you some shape and keep you from looking like a twink. Also, and i’ve said this a million times, spiked hair on anyone older than 13 is not allowed. Alrighty then jim? Hope you get the message.





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  1. Jo says:

    This cracked me up. Good use of humor. Catty, but clever. Loved the “don’t” section of this.

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