yes, this just happened.

Happy Friday everybody. I know how you’re feeling right now. You can’t drink enough coffee to make being at work the Friday before the long holiday bearable. Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous that they make us work at all. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve gotten up and wished I could just rock my pajamas to work. Right? Soccer shorts and a tank top I’ve had since ’93 is totally aprope for a client lunch right? No? Maybe not, but the suitjamas just might be the ticket! 

These things are so offensive it’s really quite amazing. I can’t wait for the NFL team themed versions to come out. You know it’s coming. If you are officially a dunce and want to buy these things, head to theirFB page for a discount or just go to the website to buy HERE. You can do that, or you can keep your dignity. Your choice 🙂

Happy Friday – you’re almost there!

– brother

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