wedding season is upon us

saddle up boys

I was going through my calendar today and realised that from June to November I have no less than 4 weddings to attend, and I’m pretty sure that if I talk to Eddie tonight, he’s going to suddenly remember a few more he was supposed to tell me about. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a wedding, especially when it’s the wedding of a good friend. What can get a little tired, is slipping into another boring suit, another standard tie and blending into the sea of dudes wearing sunglasses and dressed as casual as their wives and girlfriends will allow them. It’s time to make a change dudes. 

Darren Criss in Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan above

Weddings are a celebration. Celebrations call for fun, excitement and something special. This season I challenge you to rock that bowtie you’ve been thinking over for two years now. Lose the socks for once, or go for a bright pop of color instead of the boring old black. My favorite option, and the point of this post, is the often overlooked saddle shoe. I know guys, it seems like a little too much for you at first, but through one on, get all the compliments, and I promise you that you’ll never turn back. If you just can’t bring yourself to black and white try some muted or monochromatic versions for a little flavor without that emeril BAM. Make your move guys, a wedding is so much more fun if you’re into it. 

– brother

Johnston & Murphy

Florsheim by Duckie Brown

Bass Buchanan

My faves today the Zuriick


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