aloha, mahalo, hang loose and all that

the hawaiian shirt can be fashionable… really.

It’s been popping up on the runway here and there for years, but until recently no one but those lovely hawaiian men were really taking it to heart. Floral prints for men generally speaking are a bad idea – especially when we’re talking about the neon colored polyester monstrosities you see in trailer parks near Hollywood Florida. No offense Florida. 

The new Hawaiian shirt is slimmer, comes in muted and natural colors and uses the floral pattern to highlight the important area and create texture in a world that is too often just a solid boring color. That being said, a word about pattern. In order to wear a bold pattern (aka large) you should have a relatively fit physique. I’m not saying you need to be a supermodel, but for big people it should be known that many patterns will add the illusion of a lot of extra pounds. That’s all I’m going to say – do with that what you will. 

this look and the title image both by D&G. 

For those who are game to try this look out, let me suggest that you do the opposite of what your natural instict might be. Rather than wearing it untucked with shorts and flip flops, tuck it in (see above) with a natural belt or layer it under a blazer or pullover. The bold pattern can be overbearing, but worked into a fitted and tailored look, this can be a real winner. Check out some cool options below and go on and get styling. 

– brother

ringspun hawaiian details

Paul Smith. Tucked into slim cut khaki shorts and some white sneakers and this sings.

Topman black floral. Wear it open with a plane white tank (never ribbed) with the sleeves rolled, cuffed slim jeans and a pair of toms plain white. Perfect.

Marc by Marc Jacobs. I would get this very fitted and wear a white stretch cotton polo shirt over it with the collar tucked and the sleeves exposed and rolled. Would also look great paired with a modern single button or two button black suit. Wear it with black driving loafers (no socks) and you’ll kill.


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