it’s not a purse

the man bag is back

So yeah, no guy wants to dress like a chick, unless, well, they want to dress like a chick. For the most part though, we want to dress like men. Part of being a man, over the last million years has been about the incredible efficiency of the items we carry with us, and the absolute refusal to lug around sh*t we don’t need. Most men in this country carry a wallet, a phone, their keys and that’s about it. We laugh at our ridiculous wives and sisters as they lug around everything from bandaids to stain remover in their oversized berkins from place to place. Sure, it’s convenient to have that stuff when you need it, but really, who needs it? 

Over time, we’ve run into a lil problem. Many of us are jumping on the bandwagon toward a greener world, meaning that we are turning in our SUV’s for a muni ticket or a bike ride across town. While this shift is noble, it has meant that our closet away from home (aka the trunk of our cars) is no longer available at our every whim. We can’t keep that file of important folders stowed away, or our gym shoes, or even our protein powder. Logistically, life just got a lot more difficult. Enter the man bag. 

Obviously we’re going to have to learn to cut back what we would have lugged around in our trunks, selecting only the things we absolutely need to get through the day. In my case, it’s a change of clothes for the gym, a file folder and a blender bottle. Plain and simple, all that crap can’t fit in my back pocket, therefor, I need a bag. At the risk of looking like a soccer mom, we are venturing into the world of shoulder bags and brief cases with caution. While the transition is neccessary, it still feels a bit wrong – girly even. Nevertheless, its something we should do, and therefor I offer to you all here below, a few acceptable manbag options for the dude about town. Remember, your bag doesn’t define you, but it can make you look like a DB. Be careful, and best of luck gentleman. 

– brother

Jack Spade wayne duffel. $395.00

Ben Sherman Hunt Messenger Bag – $60.00

Calvin Klein Sydney Day pack – $59.99

Diesel Duffle in black – $180.00


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