andy cohen’s got the 411

late night’s king of kook is a style star on the rise

For most, fashion takes work. To stay looking current and cool, stylish and sophisticated, people, especially celebrities, spend an awful lot of time and money keeping up with the trends. There are always those that really hit the mark every time, showing real effort and following through with more hits than misses (think Ryan Gosslin, Justin Timberlake, even Tom brady). While these guys are certainly known for their style, none of them compare to the icons of yester-year. I’m talking about McQueen, Newman, Gable. What these guys had wasn’t about trends or fashion. While they may have had some professional assistance, the moments that truly catapulted them to style stardom were the candid ones – in jeans or a t-shirt or a simple tailored suit. These were guys that exuded confidence. They could be vulnerable, happy, goofy, angry, whatever they wanted, because they knew who they were and they did what felt right. This devil may care attitude was reflected in what they wore. They stuck to simple classic looks that made sense in their lives. They had a look that felt right and looked incredibly fashionable because they wore the clothes, rather than the other way around. It’s been years since I’ve seen anyone with this kind of genuine verve for life and true inherent style. Enter the unexpected man of the moment – Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

TV executive turned Bravo reality talk show star, Andy Cohen is in no way a flash in the pan. Known for his man-about-town antics, Cohen can be seen at industry events and social soirees practically 7 nights a week. His boundless energy is legendary and his nearly three decades among the hollywood social set has earned him the coveted spot of ring leader among the “cool kids” (see his friendship with SJP, the Seinfelds, Kelly Ripa and more). What makes him interesting however, is not his celebrity connections or star making power. Andy is interesting because among all of his access and new found celebrity, he remains the same fun loving, goofy, self depricating and occasionally poigantly observant man that got him where he is in the first place. In the same veign Cohen’s style is similarly honest. He wears a uniform of sort. Classic tailored suit, simple timeless accessories like pocket squares and tie bars, and always – somewhere, a hint of playful color. He always looks at ease and oozing of that intangible “andyness”.

I could go on and on about this man, but you just have to see for yourself. The lesson here is wear what makes you feel comfortable. Buy well made clothes, pay attention to the details, and in the end – make sure it suits you.  Too many men try to project a person they aren’t. They try to put on that they are more important or sophisticated than they are rather than just being themselves. The style point that Andy makes is that being a real man has nothing to do with who you date or what you do for a living. It has nothing to do with how tough you act. Being a real man is about being yourself, being honest and being kind. It’s this jois de vivre that Andy seamlessly reflects in his wardrobe, and because of it – he’s my pick as the style Icon of the moment.

– brother


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