raindrops keep falling on my head …

but that doesn’t mean my eyes

will soon be turning red

Nope, crying’s not for me. Rain drops keep falling on my head, they keep falling, because I’m free. Nothing’s worrying me. And so the song goes. 

Sure, there are plenty of rain songs, singing in the rain, umbrella, even candy rain (yes we went there), but unlike the music says, most of us just push out our bottom lips and pout when the rain comes. It’s kinda fun on a Sunday when your by a fireplace with a glass of wine, but nobody likes to get wet on their way to work. Bottom line, rain sucks when you’ve got stuff to do. 

In the spirit of solving problems rather than just be mad at zeus or whoever is dumping rain on our heads, I present to you some fabulous man-brella options that will allow you to stay dry and look smart on your way to work. If you take nothing else from this, heed this advice. Carry a real umbrella. Don’t buy a flimsy fold up umbrella if you stand to face some weather. The right umbrella to carry is a Golf style umbrella, big and dome like to truly keep you dry. It is substantial and won’t flip inside out. It also holds it own against a tailored suit or a long trench. Trust me, once you go big, you won’t go back. Just ask your wife. 😉

– brother

First up: The classic. Two layer Raintec – custom. Varies in price – comes however you want. I like red with white. Simple classic and doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.  

For the more adventurous, maybe even a little quirky – go clear. This one by Totes is still masculine and covers a lot of ground. Best part – it’s under 12 bucks. 

So simple and clean – a beautifully sophisticated option with a titanium shaft. $18.00

And the grand daddy of cool – cause after all – it’s just an umbrella. The color changing Squidrella. Also comes in an ink blot design. The umbrella starts out black and white and as the water hits it, it changes color. Pretty fun. $38.00 at Urban Trim.

This is simply inappropriate. Don’t have enough hands to carry your umbrella? Hire Fonzworth Bentley (see above) – DO NOT buy this bag. 


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