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this month in compulsive shopping

So lets go ahead and face the monster head on – I write a fashion blog. That means I look at clothes all the time, online – in stores – on other people – whatever, if it’s fashion oriented, I’m looking for a story. The problem here, is that I am mentally ill and cannot tell the difference between things that I want and things that I need. I’m like the cookie monster. I see something I like and I go into a nervous breakdown until it’s mine. Not good for somebody in middle management making middle management wages. 

That being said, I’ve made some changes. Brother is on a budget. He’s moved to the big city. Life costs more here, and I’ve had to make some tough choices: bread and water must be purchased before a new bow tie. That doesn’t mean I can’t shop, it just means that I have to shop smart, and buy only what I really want. SO, this little segment “what brother buys” is my way of holding myself accountable – and showing you what I really do buy, and not just the super expensive amazing couture fashion that I sometimes feature on this blog. Here we go…

Item #1. Purchased about two weeks ago from First Edition in Sactown. Brown shorts cut just above the knee by Crate. Made from dead stock material. Maybe I felt I needed to be more “retro” harvey milk status since I’m living so close to the castro? I don’t know. But they are pretty sweet and comf if you are in the market for some shorts. DO NOT purchase shorts below the knee this season. You hear me? Don’t do it, you’ll look like a loser. 

Item #2. Nixon time teller watch in orange. Under $50 bucks and awesome for a guy like me who wears black on black 90% of the time. Did I really need it? Nah. But am I glad I bought it. Heck yeah. I’ve gotten comment after comment on this lil puppy. Comes in lots of colors. Sold at Getta Clue in Sac. 

Item #3. Simple and clean tie bar bought a week ago at S Benson. Steve has several awesome and simple options. The bar should be stylie without being over powering. Important note, because I’ve been seeing it all wrong lately. The tie bar goes about a half inch to an inch above the third button on your shirt. The top of the bar goes on the tie itself and the back should fasten the tie to your shirt. It does have a function!

Item #4. Asics singlet training shirt. Bought it in 3 colors. Breathes well and doesn’t turn sopping wet after an hour in the gym. Gym clothes are essential. Dressing the part in the gym is not only better looking, but it also motivates. Do yourself the favor and ditch the pit stained white t-short for one of these. Buy online

Alright. That’s all I’m willing to confess this week. Go get em kids. No regrets. 

– brother


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